One Day in Vienna

The Austrian capital is a home to the world’s most beautiful architectural marvels. A piece of art is hiding in every little corner of the city.

So, merely a day’s visit isn’t always enough to dive in the depth of its beauty. But lucky for you, our ring tour can help you to get the most out of your day’s trip. Moreover, there are some sightseeing tips we have for you and they are revealed in this article!

Top single day locations in Vienna

To fall in love - Hofburg Palace

Hofburg Palace is one of the most awe-inspiring sights Vienna has to offer and which is also a must-see for your one day trip. It is located in the city center, near the famous Kaertner street so it will be easy to find.

A huge complex of museums and galleries, the whole Palace is soaked in luxury and royalty inside out. It has served as a home to many Emperors and Empresses and is currently an official residence and a workplace of the President of Austria.

Hofburg Palace has about 7 centuries-long history. So, it’s not just the looks that you’d find breathtaking; the rich history is also bound to keep you on your toes.

To eat - Naschmarkt

Naschmarkt is the most popular market in the city. It is unique due to its varied functional purposes.

The initial part of the market is teeming with fancy restaurants serving delicious food. There are several food zones. The restaurants are divided by the type of the food and by the type of kitchen of different countries . At the heart of the market there are vendor stalls selling all basic grocery items. And last but not least – at Saturdays this area turns into a huge flea market.

To walk - Vienna Ring Road

Ring road marks the Inner Town of Vienna. As a former city border, it is a circle shaped street that is basically a main reference during your one day stay in Vienna.

Part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, it harbors the city’s most important and most spectacular buildings and public gardens: Opera House, the City Hall, the Parliament, Votive Church, the University of Vienna etc.

You can go for the public tram rides, but walking between the Opera House and Votive Church attractions is highly recommended because that’s where you’ll find the most beautiful part of the road. It would take some time and effort, and you may need more time than one day in order to properly marvel at every location on this street. But what if…

One-Stop Solution | Ring Tours

What if I told you that you could visit places like Hofburg Palace, Natural History Museum, Austrian Parliament and plenty more in just about 90 minutes?

No, I’m not saying that Vienna has some hidden portal to quickly move around the city—though it’d be cool if it did.

No secret passages, no portals, Vienna has Ring Tours!

By opting for our Complete Vienna TOUR, you get to visit the above mentioned places plus 32 more sites accompanied by a live guide.

The tour is totally private. And to save you time and trouble, we can even pick you up from the hotel.

Now, to the best part - all these services come with a small price of €35 per person, including the drinks.

Don’t miss it out – book a tour with us and be sure you saw Vienna!

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